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TONIGHT Tonight: Ticket Giveaway

Gang Signs

Unfortunately for some of you this is your last weekend of freedom before departing on yet another year of educational hell.  Okay, maybe that’s taking things to the extreme but we still wanna send you off in style.

Over at the Cobalt our bb’s GANG SIGNS will be celebrating the release of their latest EP with lots of PBR and hipsta babes. You can check out their new music here. I’m pretty sure its the future

GANG SIGNS - L.A. on monday

Childhood prodigy, future Jeopardy contestant and Winnie Cooper cofounder @TristanOrchard will be down at the Waldorf, spinning tunes before L.A. based DJ Goldroom aka Josh Legg makes you tinkle in your pants.


Lastly, for all you house lovers, FIVESIXTY is going big with M.A.N.D.Y for their last CIRQUE event of the summer.  Patrick will be throwing down some solid club tunes until 3:00am.

Here comes the best part. We’re giving away two tickets for EACH event and all you gotta do is email win.e.coop.r(@)gmail.com telling us your information and the event you want to attend. It’s first come first served with the contest ending at 5:00pm SHARP. Please use Re: Ticket Giveaway in the subject line. Coo?

See you tonight!

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M.A.N.D.Y. at FIVESIXTY on August 31st


While the meaning behind the M.A.N.D.Y. acronym is still unknown, one thing is for sure. Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer, the talent behind the title, continue to solidify their unique talent and vision within the EDM community. On Friday, August 31, Patrick will be bringing double the madness to FIVESIXTY when he visits Vancouver for the first time. Come say goodbye to summer in the best possible way!

$15 advanced tickets are available online or at Beatstreet. More information here.

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YVR: Eating Out

Eating out is a Vancouver punk band with members of Nu Sensae, White Lung and Peace.  Check the video directed by Cody Fennell.

Eating Out - “Burn” from codyfennell on Vimeo.

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New From The Zolas // YVR

Vancouver’s The Zolas have a new album “Ancient Mars” coming out October 2nd on Light Organ Records. Check out the very exciting first single.

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Live at FIVESIXTY - Yes Nice (August 24)

Yes Nice

Vancouver based band Yes Nice have been making waves for the past few years.  Originally from Edmonton, childhood friends Scott Mckellar and Nathaniel Wong released their first EP back in 2007.  They’ve since been involved with the Peak Performance Project and released a full length album entitled Blindfolded.

Currently on tour, the boys (and girl) will be stopping by FIVESIXTY in Vancouver on Friday, August 24 with fellow indie rockers Facts and the Ruffled Feathers.  Pre-sale tickets are $8.00 and you purchase them online or at Zulu, Red Cat and Beatstreet. Winnie Cooper bb @tristanorchard will also be spinning some sick ass tunes.

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Grimes - New Genesis Video

New Grimes video for Genesis.

I really want to learn her “directing the traffics” dance. Oh Grimey.

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Tre Nyce - Nirvana

Photo via http://www.cobyphotography.ca

Vancouver artist Tre Nyce has a new video for his song Nirvana.

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Preview: Girl Talk Live @ the Commodore (Sept 7)

Girl Talk

Girl Talk aka Gregg Michael Gillis can only be described as a musical revolutionary.  In just over a decade, the Pittsburgh native has transformed the way we see and hear music, while simultaneously giving birth to a new genre.

Oddly enough, I first heard about Girl Talk during a Communication lecture at SFU, where my Professor gave Gillis props for continuing to make art under the intense confines created by copyright infringement. After said lecture, I immediately returned to my dorm room and downloaded ‘Night Ripper’ and ‘Feed The Animals’, two albums that have been in heavy rotation ever since, along with his most recent release ‘All Day’.

Girl Talk - Once Again 

Girl Talk - Oh No

Girl Talk - Down For the Count

All Day - Girl Talk

In terms of critical acclaim, Girl Talk is in a league all by himself.  No other DJ/Producer/Musical Mastermind can sample the way he does.  And if the rumors are true, which I’m pretty sure they are, nobody puts on a live show quite like Gregg Michael Gillis.

If you want to see what all the hype is about, Gillis will be playing at the Commodore in Vancouver on September 7.  You better hit the gym beforehand, this show is gunna be an aerobic workout.

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Hatchmatik @ Happy Ending Fridays (August 24)


Any dude that can make Ashanti circa 2003 sound better than she already did is someone I can defiantly fck with.  That’s why you should check out Montreal-based producer/DJ Hatchmatik next Friday at Fortune Sound Club.

Matt Morein aka Hatchmatik brings something fresh and unexpected to your average club scene and he can woo the bitches onto the dancefloor like none other. As a former b-boy and member of Montreal’s famed Peer Pressure Party Crew, Morein transforms music into more than just words, blending together numerous genres in the process.

What I’m Feeling June 2012 (Snap! Mag Podcast) - Hatchmatik

“You’re in the middle of a shitty loft in Montreal at a drugged up afterparty with wacky drunk Francos trying to hit on trashy Anglos with way too much attitude and there’s this redhead kid making miracles behind the turntables, he’s surrounded by half goth, half 2 live crew bitches and he just shines, that’s Hatchmatik”. - TEKI LATEX

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