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Winnie Goes To: Live At Squamish

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Now in it’s third year Live at Squamish took place this past weekend August 24th-26th. An hour out side of Vancouver the festival put on a “decidedly Canadian effort” with a strong offering of local and national acts set to the beautiful backdrop of the Stawamus Chief and the Garibaldi mountain in the picture perfect Squamish Valley.

A traffic accident delayed our arrival on Saturday getting in around 6pm and I missed one of the few non Canadian acts I was looking forward to, Charles Bradley. :( Here’s Charles playing a Canadian cover.

Vancouver’s Rococode played the Meadow stage.

Newly married, Justin of Philosoraptor throws down an upside down peace / being shitty sign.

Humans went on around 8:30pm or whenever it was on the smallest Meadow stage. Hopefully next year they are deserving upgraded to one the bigger stages.  They did manage to pack out the audience as they delved into a set of mostly new material from their latest EP Traps.

Humans - Horizon

They passed around the audience a cardboard cutout of group member Robbie supposedly from an upcoming music video. The crowd eventually took over the small stage and as the group launched into their crowd favorite Avec Mes Mecs for their last song. Halfway through the performance was cut short as one of their cables came undone.  It made for an abrupt but suiting finish with the crowd chanting the hook “who knew all we had to do was party” as the group left the stage.

Next up Le Tragically Hip on the main stage.  I hated The Tragically Hip growing up.  I think I mostly hated their fans. It was not very Nirvana which was all I was into at the time.  The group have grown on me and I think they hold a deserving spot in the highest echelon of Canadian music royalty. They are something quintessentially Canadian in an Ontario, Great Lakes group of seven I just threw up in my mouth and ate it kind of way.

This is maybe the most Canadian song of all time other than Oh Canada and The Hockey song if that is indeed a Canadian song.  They teach it to small kids in schools and flunk kids if you don’t know all the words.

The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon

I had yet to see them live, it was quite a treat.  Some bb showed her explodingly large fake boobs.  Gord Downey was delightfully weird and entertaining appearing ageless fronting the group who are now in their 29 years. It’s always a disappointment when a group with such a large back catalog play too much new material but the group stuck to a delightful 2/3 old stuff/hits, crowd pleasing formula.

Bromeo-whoooah. Closing things out for the night, Montreal’s Chromeo kicked things into high gear on the Garibaldi stage.

Chromeo - Don’t Turn The Lights On

Some bro crowd surfed ON A surf board. There should be a special term for this. Bruhfing??

Some burlesque bb’s danced. Hi bb.

Afterwards we departed to an after party at 100.5 soon to be 102.7fm The Peak's Tamara Stanners' house.  She is quite the gracious host and knows how to throw a bonfire party.

The party was quickly upgraded by Tamara to a “palate fire” who seemed no stranger to danger as the flames jumped 8ft in the air.

She initiated the name game with all of the people around the fire, a lot of whom were musicians from the festival and Peak Performance project acts.  I think I introduced myself and explained that I was celebrating Bob Marley’s (RIP BOB) birthday as my something no one else knows secret.  Acoustic guitars were brought out and campfire songs sung.

Good For Grapes bros.

There was an actual Nickleback Motown cover band cleverly called Motown Nickleback there who also played the festival.  They’ve raised money via Kickstarter to record their album! Open your hearts and let Chad in.

Tamara’s daughters Samantha and Alex. Alex plays music as Badger Child, chekitowt.

As 3am rolled around we decided to return to Vancouver.  On the way home Underworld’s 12 minute lament Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx) was intense enough to keep 2 of 6 of us awake long enough to make it to Prospect Point in Stanley Park. My photography skills beyond shot by this time.

The clandestine once a year secret Raccoon party with the Glory Days djs Jason, Hana and Rico raged until the authorities showed up at 6:30am.  Apparently they gave Jason of Olio Festival a ride with his gear back home or two his truck? I’m not sure which but either way I

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pics and words by @tristanorchard



Do you remember that rare moment in high school where everything, including the future, seemed promising beyond belief? Where regardless of your academic standings or hormonal altercations with the parental unit, your life as you knew it then was content and all you needed was the Bonnie to your Clyde.

If you could bottle up those feelings of lustful hallucinations and teenage intoxication, you’d get the music produced by newcomer’s Ladyfrnd. Consisting of Peter Ricq (Humans, Gang Signs) and his actual lady love Yuki Holland.

Gang Signs - L.A. on monday

Yes, their self-titled debut of five songs is simple but within their simplicity lays pure brilliance. The opening track is hauntingly beautiful, as you play witness to a couple fighting over the consequences that ultimately come from taking your career on the road. The rest of the EP plays the same way.  It tells a story of a young couple living through a storybook romance and letting the outside world witness the complications that follow.  It’s raw, heartbreaking and at the very end, unbelievably inspiring.

For all you single girls out there, I highly suggest buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s before you listen to this. Download the pull EP here.

Ladyfrnd - Sunday

Ladyfrnd - Home 

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Basscoast 2012 - August 3 to 6 


Shit. Have ya’ll seen the line up for Basscoast this year? As one of the best local outdoor electronic festivals, Basscoast has really outdone themselves this year. We’re talking Humans, Longwalkshortdock, Max Ulis and tons of other cool peeps.  Located in Squamish B.C., you seriously won’t find a better backdrop for live underground EDM. There’s also yoga and shit for all you hippe types jkjk.

Check out all the following acts at Basscoast, running August 3 - 6. Tickets still available here.

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Humans “Horizon” Music Video Debut

We have a first peek at Humans new music video for their track Horizon off of their new Traps ep.  It features a “sweet old couple”.

Humans - Horizon

Thanks to everyone that made it out to our show with them and Cosmic Kids, Pat Lok and Cyclist on Friday.  View the photo set here:

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Interview: HUMANS

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”500” caption=”Photo Credit: RICK CHUNG”]HUMANS - FIVESIXTY[/caption]

Joining forces in 2009, Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq make up Humans.  They compliment their unique electronic sound with live vocals and instruments, establishing a sonic atmosphere that is ripe for lovemaking, party rocking and/or both.

After a hugely successful run at SXSW this year, the boys released their sophomore EP “Traps” to rave reviews.  June 15 will mark the official release party and there’s no better place to celebrate than at FIVESIXTY. With a more evolved production and musical vision, hearings TRAPS live is sure to blow your musical mind.  Tickets are $15 in advance and you can purchase them here.

Also taking the stage are Cosmic Kids, Pat Lok and Cyclist. Doors at 9:30pm.

Superhumanoids - Mirrors (Cosmic Kids Remix)

Check out @Tristanorchard’s interview with Robbie and Peter below.


What was the first album/single/music each of you bought?
Beach boys greatest hits, I was in elementary school. People made fun of me because I thought NKOTB was lame and the Beach dudes were the shit. When I tell some “friends” about that story, they refuse to admit that they made fun of me.

When did you first get into electronic dance music?
Same time I started experimenting with slurpies

What makes a good party dance / song?
A hook that puts a smile on everyone’s faces and follows with a couple shots, dancing, making out, a new phone number and sweat. When that’s the outcome from one song, you know you’ve done something right.

This is a nerdy tech question but is there any new gear you are particularly excited about?
We sampled Tristan Orchard’s voice and made a keyboard out of it. It kept getting fried so we threw it away in the trash.

Tristan Orchard

Your first kiss?
Peter: Man, my first kiss’ story is whatever but a couple years ago, I finally kissed this girl I used to be in love with forever. The thing is, she wanted to get high, smoke a joint. I’m not a smoker but I did it because she wanted to. I took a couple puffs and then made my move, I lean in and kissed her. It was…  the worst kiss ever, super dry since I had no saliva because of the stupid joint. It didn’t go anywhere after that, she never wanted to kiss me again after that either.

What is the last thing that made you LOL that you saw online?

What do you wear when you go to bed?
Peter: I usually pass out in all my clothes

What are some new artists that you have been vibing hard to?
123mrk. Fantastic Mr Fox, Ty Segall (it’s old but I blast it all the time), Beta frontiers.

123mrk - Pleasure Long

Hyetal - Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)

Ty Segall - You Make the Sun Fry

Phèdre – Aphrodite (Beta Frontiers remix)

What’s in store for Humans?
Recording our first full length album in the fall, Putting out a free 2 song cover EP this month, Touring our biggest tour yet with Young Empire, writing a score for a mountain bike film festival, releasing a new video next week for “HORIZON”, putting together a new video for the track Possession, doing another extensive tour in October.

Humans - Horizon

Tour Dates
June 15, 2012: Vancouver - FIVESIXTY
June 21, 2012: Calgary - Sled Island HiFi Club BBQ
June 22, 2012: Calgary - Sled Island HiFi Club
June 23, 2012: Port Renfrew - Tall Tree
June 27, 2012: Whistler – Longhorn *
June 29, 2012: Seattle – The Vera Project *
June 30, 2012: Portland – Dante’s *
July 03, 2012: San Francisco – Thee Parkside *
July 05, 2012: Los Angeles – The Bootleg *
July 06, 2012: Salt Lake City – Club Sound *
July 07, 2012: Denver – Hi Dive *
July 09, 2012: Kansas – The Riot Room *
July 10, 2012: Chicago – Empty Bottle *
July 12, 2012: New York – Glasslands *^
July 13, 2012: Philadelphia – Kung Fu Necktie *
August 3-6, 2012: Basscoast – Squamish, BC
August 25, 2012: Live at Squamish – Squamish, BC

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Das HUMANS Live Jam: Mon Ton Ton 2

Winnie really does love HUMANS, especially when they jam out with some of the best musicians Vancouver has to offer (Mother Mother’s Ali Siadat, James Calvin Thompson, and Tom Heuckendorff)… enjoy Pt. 2 of The DDG Sessions w/ Das HUMANS.

From Vancouver w/ love.

Hyped by John

Humans - Traps EP

Vancouver party rockers, Humans have a brand new exciting EP up for fresh ear harvest today.


Next week, if you see someone busting moves awkwardly at the bus stop you’ll know what’s up. Winnie has had the privilege to preview the new EP and there are some serious chest bursting dance tracks mixed in with some surprisingly thoughtful journeys. You can see Humans at the Winnie Cooper SXSW Showcase in Austin March 17th, as well as Winnie’s showcase in Los Angeles in March 8th at Dim Mak Studios.

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WinnieCooper SXSW Showcase: B.C. Buds

We’re super excited at Winnie headquarters to announce Winniecooper.net & BeatRoute Magazine’s official SXSW showcase B.C. Buds.

We’re bringing the diversity of the Canadian west coast’s music scene to Austin y’all.

March 17, 2012 at Maggie Mae’s (512 Trinity Street - Austin, TX)

8PM – 2AM
RSVP to: rsvp@beatroute.ca

Event page.

CHAINS OF LOVE :: http://chainsoflove.bandcamp.com/ 8pm

Chains of Love has effectively bridged the gap between the nostalgic pop sounds of the ’60s with a modern and elegant twist. All hailing from Vancouver, BC this five-piece started in December 2010, referencing certain artists such as Gail Harris, Ike & Tina, The Ronnettes, and The Shangri-la’s by using their lo-fi recording styles as a blueprint for what they wanted to hear in music today. Open up your heart and let Chains be your rock and soul salvation.

DAN MANGAN :: http://www.danmanganmusic.com/ 9pm

Once a mere fresh faced folk singer from Vancouver Canada, Dan Mangan is blowing up on the world’s doorstep with four JUNO nominations this year, including Best New Artist & Songwriter of the Year. The evolution of Mangan’s music is instinctively in line with its breadth and sincerity. As his art has developed, so has the story behind its constant and exponential proliferation. Mangan’s latest opus, Oh Fortune, was released on Arts & Crafts late last year and is a rich, textured, indie-folk(ish) statement that explores the genre’s boundaries with great influence from his band.

SAID THE WHALE :: http://saidthewhale.com/ 10pm

In the five years since Said The Whale formed, the band’s hook-heavy, pop-rock sound has propelled them to successes that include a nationally televised documentary, a JUNO Award victory for best new artist, and a seemingly endless series of tours around the globe. In an age of overnight internet sensations, theirs is a true grassroots success story that has allowed the group to take its place among the Canadian indie rock elite.

SLAM DUNK :: http://www.slamdunkband.com/ 11pm

Described as the “E-Street band on Crack”, Slam Dunk’s live shows command people to lose their shiiiit to a blend of shout-along choruses and twisting fuzz-guitar melodies. With the help of Vancouver producer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, New Pornographers), Slam Dunk were able to capture the intense energy of their live performances on the recent full-length album, The Shivers.

HUMANS :: http://dashumans.com/ 12am

Humans are an electro dance party duo from Vancouver, BC. Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq got together in 2008 and instantly started creating dance floor bangers. The release of their latest EP Traps on Hybridity Music this spring solidifies the duo as an act that will not only make you sweat but you will also never forget.

MONOLITHIUM :: https://www.facebook.com/monolithiummm 1am

A child of hip-hop and a student of contemporary electronic music, Monolithium’s sound is the axiom where funk, techno and grime coalesce into concise, focused dancefloor pressure. Chris Longshanks’ debut EP, Simon & G-Funk (via Error Broadcast) is packed with psychedelic crunk from another realm altogether, combining the structures of hip-hop with tough, sexy grooves & colourful synth work.

For media requests or information on any showcasing talent:
Glenn Alderson

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WInnie’s Going to Cali

Winnie Goes to L.A.

Okay, we all love Vancouver, there’s no denying that.  But sometimes the weather can really rain on our parade, literally. And I don’t know about you, but Winnie is craving some glorious sunshine.  That’s why “we’re going going back back to cali cali.”  Well, L.A. to be more precise.

Obviously we’re not going alone. We’ve called some of the hottest up and coming acts in the industry and their combined talents are sure to blow your musical mind. It’s all going down Friday, March 9 at Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood and here’s who we’re bringing with us:


Paul Devro
Before he left L.A. to work as Diplo’s right hand man running the Mad Decent Label, Paul invented the modern dance party in Vancouver.  Now he shares the stage with Boyz Noize, Justice, Fake Blood, and A-trak, just to name a few.

Paul Devro - Everywhere

Benzona, also with Mad Decent, is a former Winnie Cooper contributor who is quickly making a name for himself with his fun Colombian-infused disco house sets. Download one of his dope ass mixes here.

This Vancouver based duo have a strong local following that’s grown rapidly since making appearances at Pop Montreal, CMJ, SXSW, and NXNE.  They’ve even shared the stage with such Canadian favorites as Broken Social Scene, Chromeo, and Junior Boys.  And after blowing up the City of Angels for the first time, these boys will be heading to Austin for Winnie’s showcase at SXSW.

Humans - De Ciel 

Chill Black Guys

CBG (Chill Black Guys)
Chill Black Guys (CBG), who hail from the L.A./Bay area, are a hip-hop group on the verge of signing a major record deal.  You may also know them from their popular music video’s, which feature friend and recent breakout star Kreayshawn.

Chill Black Guys - Heavy Metal 

Tribe of Zebra's
Tribe of Zebras
A new producer/DJ duo that have been making ground djing parties at various Hollywood hot spots over the past few years.  They’ve remixed everyone from Gotye to the Morning Benders and still find time to produce their own music.

Gotye Feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (Tribe Of Zebras Remix)

Glover Junior
Producer and DJ for the CBG who loves playing music for drunk people.

Tickets are $10 in advance, which you can purchase here, and $15 at the door.  For more information visit our event page.

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Yes Nice Remixed

Yes Nice Remixed is a collaboration EP involving Oh No! Yoko, HUMANS, Tribe of Zebras and Germany Germany… download a free copy on their BandCamp here.

Horses (HUMANS Remix) by FluidArt

Horses (Tribe of Zebras Remix) by FluidArt

Empty Spaces (Oh No! Yoko Remix) by FluidArt

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