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New Muse (You’ll Like This One)

Download Muse’s new single, “Madness”, for free on Winnie. Enjoy

Muse - Madness

Posted by John

Winnie Interviews XIU XIU

John: Who are XIU XIU, and for each band member — what is your spirit animal?

XIU XIU: That is an ever evolving question. Currently I would say that XIU XIU is more or less Angela Seo, Shayna Dunkleman, John Congleton, Greg Saunier, Ches Smith and myself (Jamie Stewart).
- Angela = Donald Duck
- Shanya = Three-Eyed Pogo Stick
- John = Eveil Genie in A Bottle
- Greg = Palm Tree (Extra Coconuts)
- Ches = The 2012 London Summer Olympics
- Jamie = His Nephew Atticus

John: If Xiu Xiu was the bastard child of two bands, who would they be?

XIU XIU: The deformed splice of Little Richard and Liberace.

John: Lord of The Rings, or Harry Potter? Why?

XIU XIU: LOTR, Why? I am an adult, an adult with a spear.

John: Which celebrity would you want to rent out an entire stadium to play for personally, why?

XIU XIU: One of the aforementioned Hobbits because the seats would be too high for me to be able to see them, so it would be like playing to an empty stadium… but I would know (really deeply know) that I was in fact not alone.

John: Mullet / Dreads / or Rainbow Dye?

XIU XIU: Really!!??!?!?!?!? Rainbow dye; does anyone ever answer otherwise?

John: There is so much gossip these days, anything juicy amongst XIU XIU (Be scandalous)?

XIU XIU: I have a really long, thick cock and I will f**k anyone who asks.

John: What can we expect from XIU XIU in the coming years.


Enjoy “Gul Muldin” from XIU XIU’s recent album “Always”.

?’s by John

Review: Twin Shadow Packs Out Venue

George Lewis Jr. (AKA Twin Shadow) is some kinda hipster kid who can wail and play a mean guit-fiddle. Backed by a band of equally Brooklyn-style-royalty class scenesters, this group can kill it. They played a few tracks off their new record, which was cool, though their single, “Five Seconds“, was the real crowd favourite.

Twin Shadow are doing well for themselves (note their fly pulp-fiction video) but the band still has some live chops to work out. They didn’t push any boundaries from a live perspective, and I didn’t walk out with any memorable moments. When I show up for a live performance, I expect to be awed by something, in some way … and the band didn’t deliver.

The opening band was a monotone, nu wave, shoe-gaze act. The only reason I know their name, Pool Side, is because I overheard someone saying it walking out. They had a weak “outroduction” … sorry, that was bad.

If you haven’t heard Twin Shadow yet, check out, “Five Seconds”, from their album “Confess”

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

Reviewed by John

Dead Night

Bunch o’ drones these guys. Hailing in the nether regions between Vancouver and Seattle, Dead Night are a cool new group pounding away in Winnie’s heart. The tracks to their recent EP are named after various movies that resonated with members of the band growing… check it out, and maybe you’ll have something to talk about when you see them play live.

Speaking of which, you guys have any shows in Vancouver coming up?

Enjoy their track, "Raiders", from their recent release: "Movie EP".

Dead Night - Raiders

Intro’d to uz by John

New: Yes Nice - Hot River (Single)

A band that any music blog would strive to discover — Canadian indie rock collective Yes Nice are set to release their sophomore LP, Warm Gun, in August, featuring the addictive pop track “Hot River.” Enjoy..

Yes Nice - Hot River

Hyped by John

Digits Makin’ a Buzzz (Toronto)

String-loaded synth pop, R&B, with a tinge of “nowhere” get’s you lost in Digits' new EP “Where do you belong?”… he's making a splash right now.

If you give a care: Digits is Alt Altman, a minimalist electronic Pop/R&B artist originally from Toronto, currently living in Berlin after living in London for six months. The new EP was recorded and mixed in various bedrooms in London, Oxford, Berlin, and Istanbul, and is about travelling as a solo musician and not having a permanent home.

We hope you enjoy “Looking For a Cure" from his new EP.

Digits - Looking For a Cure

Introduced to you for the 3rd time by John

—> Bad Passion - Winnie Cooper
—> Digits - Winnie Cooper

Tan Sister Radio… You Heard?

They’re three like minds, 20 years old. Born of the stacked suburban boxes of Southern California to write songs of the latter generation, they’ve journeyed.

They were weaned on Westerberg. They danced with Dylan. They spent the sleepless teen years staring at their eyelids, Al Green singing them sweetly in love. And for nearly half a decade they’ve been forcing Dirty Projectors, Sonic Youth and The White Stripes into their hold. Enjoy their single Flashing Vents… go on, take it; it’s yours.

Tan Sister Radio - Flashing Vents

Hyped by John

Young Empires Interactive Music Video

This is the regular one… but you HAVE to check out the interactive version here @ http://whitedoves.me/

HYPED by John

Atlas Hands (Mike Skinner Remix)

Found this lil’ gem while surfing around on the interwebz. Although this is just the remix, you should know that 21-year-old Benjamin Francis Leftwich (from York, England) has been writing since the age of ten. Feel free to run a little google search on the original track. This is the kind of tune that would give you major cool points for dropping on that new, pretty girl in your life.

Posted by John

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